Reputation Repair in a Nutshell

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When a client approaches Internet Marketing Platinum to enquire about our Online Reputation Management (ORM) it’s usually because they’ve noticed some bad press which exists online, about their business.  It doesn’t just have to be bad press though.  It could be a negative review that an unhappy client has left or simply a competitor leaving false and defamatory reviews about their business.  Not to be confused with “Negative SEO”, the process of purposefully attempting to damage a competitor’s reputation online is a shady tactic but it does happen. So how can you a) dilute the affects of a negative reputation and b) build a barrier to negative press and reviews in the future? Here’s how:
There are 3 ways to repair your online reputation and each step must be followed in order to achieve good results.

  1. Suppress negative search engine results
  2. Create and promote positive search engine results
  3. Encourage and manage business reviews

These are the 3 steps to online reputation management success.  Let’s look at these in more detail:


Suppressing any negative search engine results that exist about your business

Whilst it may not be possible to have negative press or reviews removed from Google, you can use tried and trusted online promotion techniques to push negative publicity down the rankings.  Google’s Right to be Forgotten request form link can be found by clicking here but Google won’t necessarily remove content if it is in the public interest to be able to access it.  Therefore, you should not rely on this.


Creating and promoting lots of positive search engine results which relate to your business

Known as organic search engine optimisation (SEO).  You will build up online assets to aid your positive online reputation.  Your business website is an example of what is known as an online asset.  Your own personal blog is another example.


Encouraging and managing business reviews

  • If any existing reviews exist then you should respond to them whether they are positive or negative.
  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews for your business.  This can be in the form of handouts, emails and simply calling them up for a chat.  Build this into your customer service process.  Review request campaigns can be simple yet effective.
  • Keep up the effort.  Don’t just do it one week then forget about the whole process.  A sustained and consistent effort is what will matter over time.


Don’t fancy doing all of this by yourself?  Internet Marketing Platinum provides a managed service which can be highly effective is helping to improve your online presence.  Contact us now to enquire about how we can help.  View our Online Reputation Management (ORM) page for further information.


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