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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Pricing


Business SEO falls into a few different categories: generally there’s Local SEO, regional SEO and global SEO. Local SEO is usually going to be less expensive than global SEO since the target market is smaller and the competition weaker. SEO pricing is usually hourly rate based, project based, results based, monthly retainer or a combination.

There is no industry standard for what a SEO agency or SEO consultant should charge. However, at Internet Marketing Platinum, we believe it’s important to provide transparency and accountability in our industry and, unlike many SEO companies, publish our prices. There should be no smoke and mirrors in our industry and it’s part of our aim as a business, to dispel many of the myths that are prevalent in our field of expertise.

SEO should be seen as an investment not a cost!

We always tell prospects that if they cannot invest in their business then neither can we! We’re looking for clients with a particular mindset, one with growth and scaling up in mind. If it sounds like your business would be a good fit for our services, then get in touch.

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What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is simply the process of promoting a website in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing! It isn’t about fooling search engines. It does go very much hand in hand with building great website content, coding to best practice, ensuring web pages load quickly and ensuring your website is built using web principles and great user experience.

Gone are the days when a 5 page website could rank really well. Content has always been important and Google just wants web pages it serves up on it’s website, to answer the questions that website visitors are asking. SEO shouldn’t be cheap but can be affordable. Check out this video to find out more about what SEO is and see below for how SEO pricing is generally made up.

What Is The Typical SEO Quote Made Up Of?​

When explaining SEO to a new client, we tend to like to give the analogy that putting together a SEO campaign is very much like baking a cake. You have to put mix the right ingredients, in the precise quantities for the confectionery to taste delicious. You can create a reasonable cake for a moderate budget. But if you add the finest ingredients, such as the very best Belgium chocolate, then your cake is likely to be the very top of the range. In turn, if you put more into SEO, such as paying more than high quality articles in your Content Marketing strategy, your web ranking results will likely be better. Here’s the 4 main ingredients of a typical SEO quotation:

Most websites which have 5 or so pages, generally don’t rank very well in search engines (unless there’s lots of real world influence which has determined high authority back links are pointed at your website). There’s usually a positive correlation between good search engine rankings and number of quality pages. E-Commerce websites tend to have lots of pages for instance, so will require greater SEO effort. Expect to pay more for SEO if you have fewer pages and generally need more to rank better. Or if you have lots of pages which need lots of SEO work.

How established your business is will also determine SEO efforts. For instance, if your business is a well established, large business with articles published about you in industry publications and national press, then it may be less of a challenge to leverage existing relationships.

If the purpose of your website is to be an ancillary marketing tool to support your brick and mortar shop and plenty of footfall already comes into your business, then perhaps your website isn’t your top concern. If, however, you rely on your website to generate targeted traffic and sales, then your website is all the more important to your business. For example, your only source of enquiries and sales might be your website and/or your website might be e-commerce. If this is the case then your website is key to your success and the amount of SEO effort required will likely be higher. Results-driven websites tend to need more SEO resource than websites which just exist to provide an online presence, to perhaps be a means of allowing customers to find contact details.

Strength of competition is determined by your industry / sector and the locations that you operate in. If you wish to sell your products / services internationally, nationally or locally, the SEO effort required will be different. Since the number of people and businesses you need to reach will differ.

If you require a dedicated account manager and want to touch base daily, then the costs will be higher than if you’re prefer to take a backseat or more passive role in your SEO campaigns.

SEO Pricing Models

SEO price packages generally fall into one of the following categories:

If you’re already familiar with SEO then hiring a SEO practitioner, contractor or company on a hourly basis may make sense. This pricing option is usually utilised when an inhouse SEO team know exactly what they need from a 3rd party SEO consultant and need either extra resource in busy periods or additional expertise that they don’t have inhouse.

Hiring a SEO consultant or company on a project by project basis can make sense when you have a set budget to spend on a specific set of tasks. This model is often combined with an aftercare package or on-going SEO monthly retainer, once the original project completion date is reached.

We usually offer a project based SEO pricing structure if a client requests remote or inhouse SEO training and consulting or when a specific task needs to be completed such as a SEO site audit to establish a baseline for inhouse SEO staff judge future efforts by.

Alternatively, we offer this pricing structure if a small business owner client as a specific set budget to work to and would like us to concentrate on low hanging fruit for that budget, for quick wins. Usually as part of a monthly retainer we’d concentrate on quick wins then deal with ongoing changes, content marketing and other SEO jobs as the campaigns progresses.

This is our most popular pricing model because following an initial couple of months of setup, technical SEO, landing page building, content audit and creation, and other aspects of SEO, we can concentrate on driving targeted traffic to clients’ websites. This is about developing an ongoing relationship with us, so we can really get to know your business over time. Many clients tend to prefer this to the project based pricing model. This is a full-service package rather than a menu of options like the project based model tends to be. If your SEO has been charging you monthly for years but your results haven’t changed or are becoming worse, then something may be wrong and we may be able to fix it.

This pricing model tends to be charged dynamically since some keywords or search phrases are more competitive than others. We’ve seen some SEOs quoting prices like £500 once you achieve position one in Google for “insurance quotes”. The results were not achieved and the client was disappointed. The SEO spent much more than £500 trying to achieve the results. This was a lose-lose scenario. This can be a dangerous model for both parties, client and SEO company, because if the client goes out of business or does not end up paying for results, then the SEO company can have put resource into efforts for nothing. On the other hand if the SEO doesn’t achieve the required results afterall or expectations in terms of timescales to achieve results are unrealistic, then the relationship can be equally soured.

This is an interesting pricing structure which involves SEO companies creating and ranking websites for the purpose of renting out, usually on a monthly basis, to businesses, once they’re driving targeted traffic. This can be a good alternative to waiting for organic SEO results and may be less expensive than Pay Per Click (PPC) but if a business is already renting the “web property” that you’d like, you may have to go on a waiting list.

SEO quotes usually include a mixture or combination of a few of the above pricing models rather than just offering a one-size fits all solution.

SEO Price Ranges

That’s right, a client we’d created a website for back in 2010 said they were paying £30 to a SEO consultant, per month, but couldn’t tell us what for! We actually contacted the SEO consultant and asked what they were getting for their money and it was just a few meta tags tweaks. But for £30 per month, don’t expect fantastic results. We’re all about transparency at Internet Marketing Platinum, and like to tell you what we’re up to on your website, so everything is crystal clear. You’re probably not going to get a great return on investment (ROI) for a few hours worth of work per month by a SEO on your website. Maybe £50 could be stretched to one article per month on your blog. But this is still only 12 articles per month. SEO effort required is determined largely by the strength of the competition i.e. the effort that competitors  are putting in to rank for the keywords and search phrases you aim to rank for.

If a SEO offers you a SEO contract at just £50 per month and it isn’t just for an article a month or a similar task, then give the SEO a wide birth. If the SEO offers a full-service SEO package for £50 per month, which is just £600 per year, then run away. We can think of no sector, industry or niche were £50 per month is enough to rank a website, and the chances are that “black hat SEO techniques” are being used. These shady techniques are designed to trick and fool search engines and can get your website banned and delisted from search engines.

This is the go to price bracket when we offer local SEO services as we know we will most likely be able to deliver a good return on investment (ROI) to our clients who just need to sell their services/products locally. A big part of SEO success involves getting clients involved in the process. This at least means clients signing off content to go live in a timely manner, providing access to web assets that are needed and making the whole process a fluid and enjoyable one, for all stakeholders involved.

Local businesses selling products and services locally should expect to pay around the £500 to £1000 market depending on niche and the strength of competition. The £350 to £500 range may not be sufficient a budget for many local businesses though. We can let you know the competition for various keywords and search phrases during the competition research process of your SEO campaign.

This pricing level is generally for local SEO in highly competitive areas and/or businesses who need to reach a wider target market for low to moderate competition strength keywords and search phrases e.g. national reach. Remember that £1k per month, is still only £12k per annum. A part-time wage if you hired a junior SEO practitioner in your business and this excludes any costs associated with carrying out the SEO work.

If you’ve read the whole of this page up to this point, you’ll have guessed by now that the amount of SEO effort required is largely determined by the strength of the competition. Lower competition keywords are easier to rank well for.

Costing between £60k and £120k per year, this pricing bracket covers many average SEO campaigns. Perhaps multi-site, most national or even global SEO and out of the price range of many local businesses with a strictly local target market. We’re talking e-commerce websites and businesses with a national or international presence. The number of keywords and search phrases involves in this type of campaign is usually relatively high – a few hundred at least. The strength of competition is medium to high. The websites involved are usually highly developed, possibly custom-built rather than off-the-shelf content management systems (CMS) and substantial outreach to national industry publications, press, and leveraging real world relationships to build inbound links are required for a campaign of this type.


Campaigns at this level are generally Enterprise level with high value and high competition keywords. The sectors involved are usually insurance, solicitor, flights, etc. At this level organic search engine optimisation would almost always be paired with search engine marketing (SEM) e.g. Pay Per Click (PPC) such as Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook adverts, LinkedIn adverts, and so on.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase
But SEO doesn't work anymore does it? Isn't it just about fooling Google anyway? I tried it once, never again!!!
  • SEO DOES WORK when done well. Good content has always been key to successful SEO strategy. Quick wins are also always very worthwhile to have, and any good SEO can get a client quick wins. These aren't cheats though, it isn't about fooling Google, it's actually about making sure your content is good enough for the high standards that Google holds. It's Google's search engine ultimately, and they'll decide how to rank content. You just need to make sure your content is good enough. As well as removing crawl barriers (technical SEO), ensuring good web development practice is followed, design for your audience and much more.
  • Remember SEO does work when it's done well. Take some time to understand what SEO is and what's involved.
  • If you've tried SEO once and never again then there are a few reasons. I'm not just going to blame the bad SEO who might have been bad at what they do. Or they might not have had the input they needed from the client. But then again if you aren't getting input and signoff from a client, you need to fire the client. A business SEO relationship only works if the client and SEO work together. Waiting until January for some Christmas related content is not going to cut it and can damage a SEO campaign.
  • All in all if you've had a bad SEO experience then rest assured that SEO does work and you either need to find a good SEO and/or really commit to turning your website into a money making machine.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Core Services Include:

As opposed to paid search. These are the natural search engine positions that your website could (or might already) have. The goal is to get more of these positions which results in more targeted traffic.
This is the SEO that you do to pages on your reports and the key here is to priorities tasks for quick wins, gain low hanging fruit, and really make sure your website is working as it should be.
Links are important. They are like votes of confidence in Google eyes, that your website is doing well. There are many link building strategies and it's part of a SEO's job to build links.

Website Analysis

There's a few different types of website analysis as it could be thought of as being quite a broad term. A website analysis would at the minimum examine the homepage and inner pages, looking for issues such as more than one H1 per page, missing alt text attributes in images and much more. Other factor may be off page and include a comparison of backlinks against competitors.

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