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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

We love delivering winning social media marketing stategies!
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Setup & Custom Profile Design
  • Social Media Contests
  • Analytics
  • Split Testing
  • Content Calendar
  • Social engagement through messaging
  • Retargeting

Professional Tools for Your Business

Don't let the competition beat you in social

Brand Monitoring

Sentiment analysis is an important way to monitor if your prospects are talking about you, your competitors and keywords you're trying to rank for.

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Social Media Contests

Social media contests including competitions, giveaways and much more, can really help you engage your audience.

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Social Media Management

Vital for any business, to track conversations, engage with your audience, streamline your messages, test ideas and gain insights through analytics.

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Setup & Custom Profile Design

Important for brand awareness, streamlining of your brand across different platforms including traditional marketing.

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Social Media Promotion

Content is the cornerstone of any digital footprint, digital presence and online business. We say it again and again - 5 page websites don't tend to rank well anymore! If you want your customer facing staff to repeat answers to the same questions over the phone or by email again and again, then DON'T use content marketing!
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Why do you need great rankings i.e. top search engine positions, high authority, thought leader status web content? Because if you have this, you'll get more targeted traffic to your website and your social media profiles!
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Our Customers Say

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Easy process, we just filled in a social media questionnaire which was a few pages long. Internet Marketing Platinum then produced a content calendar for us. We approved it and away we went. We were able to also teach our staff the principles and really integrate this into our processes. Very happy!
Locksmith, London
Our business needed to get more out of Facebook advertising as we were spending a reasonable amount but getting nowhere. We heard about Internet Marketing Platinum from a colleague who uses them, so we contacted them to find out what they can do. Within just 5 days of engaging the company, we could clearly see that our conversions were up, we have analytics and could see than retargeting had started to engage customers. Fantastic thanks!
Interior Designer, Bath

Professional, Measurable Social Media Marketing

Our research shows that over 80% of the company’s blog that we have appraised can improve their online presence by utilising their social media marketing efforts to better effect. Many companies are aware that they need a Facebook business page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, etc but they often fall short at adding fresh, new content on a regular basis.

For a resonable monthly amount Internet Marketing Platinum can help your business make the most out of social media marketing. We can:

  • Help to manage your Facebook business page.
  • Help to tweet, retweet, gain more followers and follow relevant tweeters on Twitter as well as help you to use Twitter to backlink to your other content.
  • Use LinkedIn to network online more effectively.
  • Add fresh, new content including articles, videos, etc onto your company blog.
  • Find other blogs that you can guest blog on and write and publish these guest blogs for you.
  • Maintain brand consistency and help your online presence grow as your company grows.

Our prices start at just £300 + VAT per month for this bespoke service.  We have tried and trusted methods of learning about your company, putting a social media marketing strategy together, implementation and tracking the results.  So don’t let the competition get the better of you, use Internet Marketing Platinum to kick start your social media marketing.

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Internet Marketing Platinum believe that social media can account for a significant proportion of targeted traffic to your website, no matter which niche or industry sector your business occupies. We also believe that social signals form a significant part of how search engines rank your website. We draw this conclusion from the way that we see Google et al ranking sites.

We recommend that social media and social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube should be used to promote your business by letting your target audience know about what you are offering, your special offers, your case studies, your new products/services and anything that you think may be of interest to anyone who might make a purchase from you. Social media marketing should be viewed as a branding exercise as well as a method of directly advertising your offerings to prospective and existing customers. Get creative and create content that you deem to be link worthy and, remember, if you take bigger risk (as opposed to trying to blend in and keep up with what your competitiors are doing) you do risk more but you also have the chance of a better return on your investment. Not all ideas work, otherwise everyone would be rich. You must put your best foot forward and try your best. But your best must be better than the competition.

A successful digital marketing strategy should consist of elements of search engine opimisation (SEO), maybe some search engine marketing (SEM – e.g. Pay Per Click), email marketing, media buys, online publicity and much more but don’t forget the positive impact that social media marketing can have on your business.

There is, of course, the flip-side to social media marketing. As you start to get your name out there (both your own name as director or owner of your company, or marketing manager, etc) and your company’s name, you are exposed to potential negative comments and you must address these…professionally. This is where online reputation management comes into play. You can’t just start social media marketing then stop. This is because you need to monitor your online presence. What are your customers saying about you. Are they saying good things? If so, are you thanking them and praising them for their kind words. Conversely, are they submitting negative comments about your business? Is this justified? If so, what can you learn from this? Can you make them happy? If so, do so and address their concerns…TURN IT AROUND! You can do it! Don’t try to cover things up as suppression of the truth will never work. You’ve seen the cartoons of the leaky boat where the cartoon characters tries his best to use a bucket to empty the boot…his efforts are futile. The wiser cartoon character then simply plugs the hole. He nips the problem in the bud before it grows out of hand and finds a way to resolve the weakness in the boat. Well, you can plug the weaknesses in your strategy. Your business can be improved by listening to your customers. Don’t get angry if your customers are posting negative comments about the work online. See this as an opportunity to improve. But don’t just focus on the negative. Seek out positive comments too and praise these customers.

Keep on top of your online presence and make sure that your company is being represented in the most accurate light possible.