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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management or ORM is quickly becoming one of our most popular services as more and more companies begin to notice that online content and sentiment can be important and determines buying decisions.  As the image above suggests, due to the nature of the world wide web negative (and positive) content has a ripple like affect as news spreads.  The bad news (excuse the pun) is that negative content can often spread more quickly than positive content.  Here’s where Internet Marketing Platinum come in…

Our approach to ORM is to maximise the positives of your business.  The chances are that people are saying good things about your business but the effects of this just aren’t prevalent enough on the world wide web.  For instance, we find that many companies tend to send their press release to print based publication providers but don’t actually have a digital strategy which involves submitting these releases to websites too.

Sometimes a client will approach us who has some negative comments, reviews or press online.  This may be affecting their business.  If the online content is factual then the best approach is to create positive content in an attempt to push the negative content down the search engine rankings.

We also find that popular social media sites which are known for ranking high in search engines aren’t being used enough or to their full potential by key people in companies.  Certain companies can also benefits from using and/or developing different online assets.

All of this involves creating a digital marketing strategy and the end goal is usually the same as with any digital strategy…more business.  What is different is the process that it takes to get their and, as with any digital strategy, each approach will be different and require an amount of testing.  Search engines such as Google are third parties and, therefore, can be unpredictable.  What is certain though is that popular news articles and other types of online media rank well in terms of popularity.

Internet Marketing Platinum has helped clients to represent their true reputation online.  If you would like us to look at your web presence contact us.