Organic SEO or Organic Yogurt

  • April 22, 2013
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This may seem like a silly comparison but as far as metaphors go I think it’s pretty good.  Allow me to explain…

So why did I mention that organic yogurt is a metaphor in this context and how does it relate to organic SEO.  Well, organic SEO is natural, it is a website’s natural SERPs or listings in Google as opposed to, say, pay per click.  Natural yogurt can be consumed alone or you can purchase flavoured, less healthy yogurt which will work out more expensive.  You can add fruit and nuts to natural yogurt and organic SEO can add email marketing, media buying and so on i.e. other aspects of Internet Marketing.

Ok yes we’re never going to have to choose between organic SEO and organic yogurt, you can have both but, ironically, if you usually opt for organic SEO as part of your online marketing strategy then it’s probably because you’re interested in long-term results at a great price.  Isn’t it the same for those who choose organic yogurt?  There are likely to be long-term health benefit from eating healthier foods and, price per gram, you’ll be saving money.  So do you like my premise that people who opt for organic SEO will be more likely to eat healthy and have a generally wholesome approach to life? Maybe.  But how could I prove my hypothesis.  I suppose a survey might cut it but I have more pressing matters right now.  There’s a few more keywords that I’m trying to rank for so I have much more organic yogurt to fuel my pursuits.  I have, of course, packed my organic yogurt full of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries for extra nutrition – I do have lots of work to do so need the brain food that it provides.

On a sidenote, Google does seem to want us marketeers to swing most of our online marketing budgets towards their Google Adwords don’t they? What with all of this rigmarole about their Panda and Penguin updates and the uncertainty and increased competition with organic SEO.  But, and I’ll be honest here, and I’ve always said this, you really will be able to weather the storm as long as your SEO strategy is underpinned with quality principles.  My SEO strategies have never noticed that much of a difference when the updates have been rolled out.  People ask me what works now and what doesn’t work anymore when it comes to ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing! I say everything works but it isn’t WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it.  Should you sign up to 1000 forums and back-links to your money site using these forum profiles? Obviously not, especially if each profile has only a single post each! Should you even do this for your tier two or three links.  No! Did it work before? Yes.  Should anyone have been doing this before? I don’t think so.  I don’t think that this was ever a great part of any SEO strategy.  I don’t think that the end justified the means in this respect and this obviously wasn’t a well-devised strategy which with any kind of longevity.  It was cheaper to implement though and it delivered results.  It depends on the business requirements and what you think will work for you.  I think that the best SEO strategies are those which involve boxing clever and using your marketing budget wisely in areas that you can afford and that will provide the best bang for your buck.  Everything works but it’s how you do it that counts.


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