What is a Landing Page?

  • November 5, 2014
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What is a landing page is a frequently asked question and a topic which can cause much confusion.  Is a landing page a home page?  It can be be isn’t necessarily.  This is where most of the confusion is.  This website, for instance, has many landing pages for different products and services that we provide.  Landing pages are usually associated with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and some Adwords Campaign Mangers will swear that if you use the term landing page in any other context then you’re misusing the term.  But I don’t think this is true and many other internet marketers would advocate my view on this.  In my view a landing page is any page that a web visitor lands on in order to complete a task (that you want them to complete).  So, essentially, a landing page is any page that a visitor lands on from a 3rd party source.  The traffic source is pretty much irrelevant in terms of the definition of a landing page.  It could be Adwords (a type of PPC), an offline mailing, email marketing campaign, organic SEO, social media, remarketing campaign, etc.

I will agree that a landing page should have certain elements including:

  • A concise layout which is simple and easy to find your way around.  Think minimalistic.
  • A clear call to action – a reason for contacting and a clear path that you want your visitors to follow.
  • A contact form.  Yes you can link to another main contact page but this isn’t ideal.

So how do you design a landing page?  Well,  here’s one that I did earlier https://www.internetmarketingplatinum.com/reputation/ and here’s a a screenshot of it:


As you can see it’s clean, concise, straight to the point, a minimalist design and you web visitor will know exactly what they need to do next!

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