Is Blogging Worthwhile For Your Business?

  • November 6, 2014
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Here are a number of instances that having a blog on your company website can help your business:

When you want to expand your audience

Let’s face it, the only reason why you’re reading this blog post right now is because you’d like to win more business.  A blog can help you to do this by enabling you to reach out to a target audience that you might not have otherwise been able to engage with.  It may just happen that your blog posts reach an audience who would otherwise have gone elsewhere for information and then purchased from a 3rd party.  With a blog, you can potentially fulfill more needs for more people.

When you want more traffic to your website

It’s a given that if you write good quality blog posts, take care of your technical SEO, do some outreach and your marketing is right…i.e. you’re giving your audience what they want to read about, then more traffic will be driven to your website.  Whether this traffic is targeted is dependent on many factors including good, solid keyword research.  But that’s another story.

When you want to communicate directly with your customers/clients/prospects

A key benefit to having a company blog has always been the ease at which you can communicate directly and engage with your customers and prospects.  Once a blog post has been published you can share it on social media channels and invite your audience to join in the discussion and expand upon what has been said by commenting.  Direct communication is so important these days and long gone are the days when a corporate website or SME website was simply a one-way street.

When you want to become a thought leader in your industry

With the help of a blog and other channels you can built yourself up as a leader in your industry.  It will take a lot of work no doubt and you’ll likely need more than just the blog but you can gain a competitive edge by giving your audience what they are looking for.

When you want to utilise the benefits of the compound effect

I’ve now had too many customers who have started blogs and then stopped them because they didn’t see the long-term benefits of having a successful blog.  Lots of these customers are still at the same level that they have always been at, some have ceased trading, some still rely solely on other forms of advertising, usually traditional methods and word of mouth.  Now I’m not saying that blogging is a “silver bullet” which will end all of your marketing woes but it can certainly help.  Of the customers have have stuck with the blogging, these customers have gone on to reap the rewards.  The compound effect can be noticed in many aspects of your business and doing a little everyday has always been better than doing lots today and tomorrow and then nothing ever again because “it doesn’t work”.  If you use leaflet delivery to win new business would you only ever do this has a one-off or would you keep up the work and keep going?  It’s all about having a plan and following through with it.  Thankfully there are lots of great case studies these days of how blogging has helped businesses so it hasn’t quite the hard sell that it perhaps once was.

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