Email Marketing: The Low Down

  • April 22, 2013
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So, at Internet Marketing Platinum, we use email marketing a lot and we love it!  It provides an extremely cost-effective way of communicating pertinent points to new and prospective clients.  Email marketing is often confused with spamming which it certainly is not.  Spamming is all about sending out bulk emails to lots of emails that haven’t been opted into your email list.  This isn’t what email marketing is about.  Email marketing involves receives single or double opt ins from interested parties who actually want to hear from you.

You may gather email addresses from feedback forms that your happy customers submit once they’ve done business with you.  You may have email list opt-in forms on your website and Facebook pages.  You may using your peers’ email list to drive traffic to your landing pages to opt into your lists and so on.  Using any of these methods, combined with an incentive for prospects and clients to subscribe, are all great ways of setting you on the path to email marketing success.  Along with organic search engine optimisation (SEO) Internet Marketing Platinum know that email marketing is a sure fire way to win more business.  Not only are you building your reputation as an expert, you’re also going a long way in warming up prospective customers to buying your products and/or services.  Ultimately, every successful business person knows that people like to buy from people and if someone trusts you, and you take the time to develop that trust, then they’re much more likely to buy from you than your competitors.

The biggest mistake that newbies to email marketing make is to blast out lots of offers from the get go.  There are a few reasons why this is hardly ever a great strategy and that starting off with a series of information only emails is always the best way to approach email marketing.  You’re setting the scene or wetting your lists’ appetite, if you like.  You’re very likely to lose subscribers (remember they can opt-out and just because they’ve opted-in in the first place, doesn’t man they won’t opt-out) if your email content is too sell, sell, sell orientated.  Lose the overly commercial angle and keep it more friendly.  Remember, you’re doing your list a favour by sending them these special offers.  Only your list can receive them.  They are your VIP members but you must take the time to highlight issues that they might have and then offer the resolution to fit the job.  Not the other way around.  Why would you provide the resolution first? And why would they buy from you if they don’t feel that they know you first? You’re much more likely to gain good, long-term customers if you spend that time with them at the start of the relationship and throughout the relationship.  This is much better than having that quick sale which more than likely results in quick churn.  People like to buy from people, don’t forget that.  So build that business relationship and you’ll win more longer term clients than you would otherwise.  Upselling other products/services becomes much easier too if you build relationships with clients so bear this in mind.  Take your time.  Build trust and you’ll sell more, in great quantities and keep customers for longer.


Getting started!

Mailchimp offers a free account to get you started which is good up to a certain number of subscribers.  I prefer Aweber and Constant Contact is a good one too.  You can self host with opensource software if you like.  This depends on your individual business requirements.  You’ll need to appraise the available options before you make a discussion based upon what is best for your business.  The main thing though is to get started.  There are no excuses to delay the setup of an email marketing strategy for your business.  Don’t put it off, just go for it!  You probably already use Outlook to send out emails and email marketing providers such as Mailchimp and Aweber don’t work in quite the same way and are intended purely for email marketing and tracking of the same.  If your objection is the expected learning curve and you don’t think that you have the time/patience to learn how to use it then I can help.  I’m available on 07702 946224 (Michael).  I can help you with defining an email marketing strategy and you can even outsource creating the emails and sending them out if you want.  The most important thing is having the strategy in place and implementing it.  If you don’t have email marketing as a part of your business then don’t delay just set it up today and get started.


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