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  • April 22, 2013
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So you’re a business, you’ve been told that, in order for your website to rank better in search engines, you’ll need more content.  Best to have a blog right? This is true and having a blog and sticking to updating it frequently can contribute towards your Google positions.  There are other factors involved in ranking well in Google too but blogging does help.  Why? It’s a good way of communicating with your website’s visitors.  Perhaps, in a less corporate style.  You’ll be adding fresh, new content to your website, frequently, which Google appears to like.  It’s certainly quite difficult to rank a 5 page website adequately.  Adding a blog doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to get all lapse on your information architecture though. But it does mean that your web designer will be able to set you up with your complex information architecture where all of your existing website’s pages are nicely linked for maximum flow.  Then you’ll be able to simply add to your blog.  Your web designer will be happy and so will you and, hopefully, your Google rankings will improve.  You’ll still need back-links though but your inner linking will be much improved.


The Nitty Gritty

Ok so the above is the ideal situation, you have a blog created.  It is part of your website, all on the same domain.  Ideally, it’s best to avoid a separate free blog elsewhere (anywhere other than on your domain), this is less than ideal and a poor alternative and those who don’t have the budget or aren’t in the know.

One of the biggest problems with giving a client a blog to manage is that they get busy with running their business.  This is understandable.  They write when they can but when they get busy they don’t write.  Sometimes they run out of content to write about so we run brainstorming sessions and sometimes take over and write for them.  This service is available by contacting us here.

If you don’t write then you might lose momentum and your Google rankings may suffer so keep up the work.  There’s an option in WordPress (one of the platform that we prefer for blogging) to schedule blog posts so if you have a writing spurt or a big writing sessions then you can schedule your posts.  Matt Cutts of Google says that it’s better to spread out your blog posts.  Your blog posts will fall into different types such as breaking news and general content so decide what to schedule based upon what is best for your business.  If you tend to write 5 x 500 words blog posts at once but then usually get so busy so can’t write any more for the next couple of weeks then you’ll end up with 10 blog posts per month on average.  Publish them evenly and realise that some visitors might be subscribed your be notified of your new blog posts via RSS or they might have a new post update so consider when you’d like your readership to receive such blog posts.  A little extra thought can reap great results and tweaking and testing how you’re going about things can really help.


If you need HELP!!!….ASK!!!

If you don’t enjoy writing, if you can make more money doing what you’re doing in your business, if you can’t write, then just ask for help and we can help you.  Contact us now for blog writing help.  We can write blog posts for you, depending on your budget.  With basic packages from one per week, there will be a package to meet your requirements.  We’ll through in some Facebook Business Page management and a few Tweets and you’ll almost have a social media marketing package taken care of for you!

Call +44(0)114 358 2490 to discuss this in more detail.  If you’re writing your own blog posts then write a few titles down, check your Google Analytics to find out what visitors who have already found your website are typing in to find you, have a plan.  Do you know how to do a spider diagram? I do these all of the time to split my clients’ topics in micro niches.  Do some keyword research and take it from there.  Sitting there with WordPress logged in, clicking on Create New Post and writing off of the top of your head is not the way forward.  Even professional novel writing plan what they are going to write.  Anyone who has been to university and had to write copious numbers of essays will know that you always plan what you are going to write and this is the way that I recommend that you approach your blog post writing.  It is a lot easier this way.  Write your intro, middle section and conclusion down beforehand.  Plan what you are going to write.  Construct a title and sub-headings and plan your time accordingly.  Always error check and ask someone who you trust to proof read your content.

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