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  • April 24, 2013
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To stand a chance of having a powerful search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign for your company you need to hire a SEO company who you know will be capable of providing results.  More targeted traffic means more great leads which can be converted into sales.  That is what we all need right?  More business! And for this you need to use a powerful SEO company.  So what makes a SEO company powerful? Knowledge.  The most knowledgeable SEO companies, in my opinion, are the best and most capable of delivery real results in terms of more business for their clients.  Providing that the business in question is what I would call SEOable.  Ok, that isn’t a real word but you understand what I mean.  If a client company is resistant to change then the SEO is likely to be unsuccessful.  If a client company can’t take advice then the SEO company is going to have a hard time.  If the client company doesn’t have the budget or, worse still, has the financing but won’t spend where it is needed then they are likely to save themselves into insolvency.  Well, not always, but they aren’t exactly going to embrace the status quo now are they?  Again, they aren’t going to work too well with a SEO consultant and the SEO is going to suffer, and the business too, as a result of this.

A powerful SEO company can make change happen.  They can improve Google listings and help clients to adequately represent themselves and put out their message on the world wide web.  This is a given. What they can’t do is make a business what it is not.  If the decision makers can’t provide a SEO company with content, or information to create that content, adequate guidance, or a budget to have an expert impart that knowledge, then a SEO campaign is not going to be possible.  Certain aspects of the SEO can be achieved but a complete SEO strategy would be difficult to deploy in this circumstances.  In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a powerful SEO company to help you to develop a powerful SEO strategy then give them your time, experience, knowledge and budget and let them do the rest.  If you make it difficult then the SEO campaign will be, in itself, difficult,  You are, ultimately hiring experts to do what you cannot do so trust them with their profession.

Powering to the top of Google

How long does it take to get to the top of Google?  There are a number of variables involved.  Google uses over 200 ranking indicators to decide on which web pages to rank in certain positions for certain search terms and keywords.  A powerful SEO company will be more than capable of providing keyword research, competition analysis, a strategy going forward and implementation.  They will be able to tell you how strong your website is now in relation to the competition, help you to assess your constraints and plan a way forward.  Ranking well in Google does require an on-going effort.  Part of this will be continued competition analysis, innovation, iterative design, moving with the times and constantly evolving your brand as you continue to grow your business.  Your website or web presence can and will have milestones and hitting these will show you that progress is being made.  But you can’t take a hit and miss approach, or scatter-gun approach to SEO.  Unless you are a SEO and online marketing expert yourself then you to need an expert to help you.  They will be able to keep up with the plethora of research and current types of strategies and implementations that work.  Just as you wouldn’t try to submit your own company year end accounts, your accountant does that for you, you should leave SEO to the experts.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to blog properly, how to notice trends and how to do certain aspects of your SEO strategy implementation.  This is part of the SEO training that you should be receiving from your SEO company, if this is a part of your agreement.  I always encourage this.  But these types of task are operational level tasks and your SEO company should still be in charge of the overall strategy as far as I’m concerned.

A powerful SEO company can provide all of the above from SEO training, to strategy to implementation.  They should not be the type of SEO company who can only get your website so far up the rankings.  In my opinion, these companies shouldn’t profess to do “SEO”.  This is misleading.  A powerful SEO company is the real deal who is capable of going the whole hog and can get you the rankings that your website deserves, can help you to get juicy quality and relevant back-links from powerful and trustworthy websites and can help your business to fulfill it’s online potential.

Online Potential

Just as a body builder will have a point at which their training and the gains that they are noticing will meet a plateau, given a plentiful budget and a solid strategy, your website will reach it’s online potential at which point results will begin the taper off.  At this point the body builders genetic potential has been reached, just as your businesses real world potential as been realised.  With a plentiful budget, your results will show a very positive, steep incline as you gain back-links from your contacts, publish your content online and basically do what Pareto would have described as the easiest 80% with only 20% of effort, budget, and so on.  The last 20% will take 80% of the work, budget, etc.  The body builder will reach a plateau and each pound of muscle after that will be much more difficult to gain than when he or she first started lifting.  If you think about it this way then competing websites with pretty basic functionality are the status quo and could be considered run-of-the-mill.  They have a blog, social media integration, great navigation, a clear menu, lovely aesthetically pleasing gradients of colour, correct use of contrast and colour theory usage, the list goes on and this list isn’t in any way exhaustive.  This is achievable with the right budget.  What happens if you already have all of this and want to innovate? Do you have an online interactive game produced? Does this cost 5 times as much as the website and only generate 2% more leads? Might it be unsuccessful?  Could this budget have been spent elsewhere? From this example you can see how Pareto’s 80/20 rule comes in to play yet again.

To find out if I think that you’re fulfilling your online potential, contact me here.

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