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  • April 26, 2013
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Here’s a quick guide to finding a good web marketing company in the UK.  So you’ve searched Google for  Web Marketing Companies UK or used a similar search phrase and you’re on a mission to find the best quality and value UK web marketing company.  Try Internet Marketing Platinum.  Yorkshire based.  Professional approach.  Highly experienced and lots of successful projects under our belts.

What should you be looking for when seeking a web marketing company in the UK?  It’s a good idea to choose a company able to provide a great client experience from the get go.  You’re probably looking for a finely tuned approach your your project with the communication that you receive being a mix between less technical-speak and more clear and concise explanations of the proposed strategy.  If you can choose a company that provides a straight-forward approach to your company’s web marketing strategy then you’re likely to be onto a real winner.

You should begin by requesting a FREE Website Analysis.  A baseline of your site’s current web presence should be examined in-depth before any work is commenced.  After all, a web marketing company needs to ascertain where you are before a plan can be developed to get you where to want to go.

Search engine optimisaton (SEO) and web marketing is very much like going on a journey.  You’ll need the right vehicle – so the right business and you’ll need enough fuel.  Using this analogy, fuel could be considered both your budget and your available resources.  This might include contacts that you can use to obtain back-links.  In order to make a journey you also need to be fit to drive.  So you need your driving license i.e. your company’s qualifications and credentials.  When you first learn to drive you probably don’t go on long journeys so, like your business, you need experience to go on the long journey.  Obtaining lots of targeted traffic to your website and obtaining number one Google positions for profitable keywords is dependent on a number of factors.  You need to work hard and put lots of time and effort into obtaining good search engines positions.  Competitive niches are not easy to improve your web pages’ positions for in Google so budget appropriately for the effort that will be involved.

Choosing a good UK web marketing company should pay dividends for your company as, alongside email marketing and other forms of web marketing, SEO can be one o the most cost-effective types of strategies that you can utilise for your website.  But don’t be fooled into thinking that just because a marketing form is cost-effective that it is cheap.  It’s fine and quite reasonable to test a sample of SEO work and start on a trial before signing a fixed term contract and then increase budget accordingly.  But if you’re starting out low then recognise that keep your SEO and web marketing efforts low may only be a drop in the ocean.

For me, the best advice I could give you when choosing a web marketing company is to make sure that communication is good and the web marketing company put transparency at the top of their list.

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