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It’s a Friday afternoon here, Good Friday in fact. I’m dreaming of Easter Eggs. Mmmm chocolate. Here’s a few top online reputation tips to help to build and maintain your online brand:

My first tip is to recognise how damaging a negative reputation can be for both you and your business. I hear some small business owners saying that attempting to build a brand for their business or brand themselves is a waste of time, or something that only large companies like Asda can do and something that just isn’t possible on a small budget. I just don’t think that this is true. I think that you can build a brand. It may just end up being a brand in your particular niche but what is wrong with that? Don’t fail to take action just because you think that your efforts won’t count. Your efforts do count but you DO need to be consistent in your efforts.

So now that we’ve established that branding is very important, let’s look at how damaging a negative online reputation can have for your company and how you can go about managing your online reputation. For a start if there is negative content about your business online then you can attempt to contact webmasters to have said content removed. Some may refuse to remove it. You need to decide on the legitimacy of the negative content – is it defamatory and if it is do you have the resources to pursue damages in court?

The best way to manage your online reputation is to be consistent in your digital campaign and produce good content and then make sure that it is distributed. So that is what you should do. How you should do this depends on your business and your goals but the main thing is consider is how much of an influence you are going to be on your target audience. Are you going to add anything unique, anything new….what is your USP (unique selling proposition).

As the world wide web becomes ever more popular I believe that online reputation is going is become an even greater issue. With a growing need for companies to monitor their online reputation and take both proactive as well as reactive steps to manage their online presence. This area of expertise isn’t really in the realms of search engine optimisation (SEO) anymore which is more to do with diving targeted traffic to websites. Online reputation management often known as ORM involves a mixture of PR, SEO and wider aspects of Digital Marketing.

If you are having trouble with your online reputation and would like help driving down negative content about your brand then contact us now.

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