Link Building For SEO

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What is link building?

Link building is the process of creating and obtaining quality and relevant back links to your web pages, pointing from other websites.  Google counts these links like “votes of confidence” that your website is worthy of being ranked appropriately.


Why is it so important for search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Link building is very important to SEO success because it is believed that Google counts quality and relevant back links as factors is determining where web pages should appear in its search engine.


Who can help you with link building?

A search engine optimisation expert is often necessary to rank well for medium-to-high competition.  Different levels of assistance are generally available from SEO training for do it yourself (DIY) off page SEO to complete outsourcing of your link building.


Can I receive training for link building?

Yes of course.  If you’d like to learn how to build quality, relevant and powerful back links to your web pages then link building training (also known as off page SEO training) is available.


Does writing blog posts help with link building?

This isn’t the only method of gaining powerful back links but it certainly is often considered to be one of the cornerstones of a good SEO strategy.  As you continue to write quality blog posts that people will want to read, they may link to you as a source of reference. You’ll build a readership as you become a recognised expert in your chosen topic areas.


Is it true that the best types of links are often the hardest to obtain?

Yes definitely! If you think about it logically, if a back link is easier is obtain and takes very little time then it will be open to spamming which is what you don’t want.  One thing is to check the number of outbound links (OBL).  The lower the number the better.  Also, check if a website where a back link is available from is a quality and relevant one.  Check the back links that are pointing to the back linking website itself, the age of the domain, the Google Pagerank and so on.  These are all good indicators of the worthiness of a given website.


I’m an IT company, how do I get a back-link from Microsoft?

Not everyone can get the back links that they want for their web pages.  But, if you’re an IT company, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a link from a website that Microsoft points to.  Your search for back links will be lengthy and you’ll need a strategy in place so that you aren’t taking a scatter gun approach to link building.


What’s an authority website? Should I get links from these types of sites?

An authority website is considered to provide a complete resource on a theme, it’s usually considered worthy of citing from, the authors are the best in the business at what they do, what they say carries much credibility.  Google recognises these types of sites by there content, their information architecture and their back links.  They are usually old websites but might be new launched websites which other authority sites link to.


Who decides what a good back-link is?

A good back link is determined by its quality and power but also, in many circumstances, by its relevancy.  A natural link building campaign will consist of a good mix of quality, powerful and relevant back links.  Some back links will fall into all three categories.  Google’s doesn’t always seem to get its search rankings right and it seems to be constantly striving to improve its indexing.


I hear that quality and relevant links are the most important?

Yes, we’ve said this a few times in this article but power matters too.  And some of the most powerful links may gain or lose some of their power over time due to popularity, what’s topical and so on.  There can sometimes be a shelf life for back links.  That is why using a SEO consultant is important.  They usually live, eat, breath and sleep SEO and so keep on top of their industry.  I don’t believe that an unexperienced person or just sometime who has been on a few SEO training courses can do anywhere near as much as a SEO consultant.  I’ve been on a bookkeeping course but my Accountant does our books.  I know just enough to do my bit and that is what SEO training for meant for – to teach someone, who is running their business, to do their bit in terms of maintaining certain aspects of their SEO and blogging, etc.


What are themed links?

Your website has a certain theme.  If your e-commerce site sells Children’s Toys then this is your theme.  You’ll sell Girl’s Toys, Boy’s Toys, to different age ranges and different types of toys but Children’s Toys is your theme.  You’ll want back links from relevant themed sites, perhaps Toy forums, parents’ forums, toy manufacturers and so on.  These will be your themed links.  Also, try to get back links from relevant sections of other websites and just powerful and quality websites which aren’t necessarily themed.


What if I lose back-links?

Back links do disappear.  If you’ve made arrangements to reciprocal link with another site owner then the maintenance of these links can be tracked.  You’ll naturally lose some back links and/or the quality of these back links may improve or degrade over time.  Some websites cease to exist.  This is a natural part of the back linking process.  Having a strategy in place to build back links for the long term is the way to go.  This way you’ll continuously be promoting your content, sharing your news and stories, and building your online presence.


Will I be penalised for building lots of low quality back links?

It certainly isn’t a good strategy to just have lots of lower quality back links.  Your website needs good quality back links!  This can’t be emphasised enough.  You need to be careful about the SEO company that you use and only choose a reputable SEO company who will be transparent with their process.  Their are untrained rouge “SEO consultants” out their who are just interested in making quick money at the expense of your business.  Avoid these people like the plague just as the reputable SEO companies will avoid the trouble clients who only want to spend a disproportionately small amount but expect the world.  If you receive an unnatural link warning in your Google Webmaster account then then Disavow Tool is available.  Contact us about this and we’ll talk you through the process.  Authority websites are affected much less if at all by poor quality back links because it is widely considered that once your website gets to a certain level you’ll have so many good back links and indicators that poorer quality links won’t matter as much.  Google looks for footprints and bad link building patterns so just use a good quality SEO consultant, don’t try to do it yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing and concentrate on running your business instead.  You can probably make more money doing what you do best whilst leaving what we do to us, the SEO experts.  Authority sites become less susceptible to the adverse affects of what is known as Negative SEO which is competitors spamming your website which poor quality links.  You can have a Link Detox report carried out.  Some say that they’d be better off concentrating on just building more quality back links instead of emailing webmasters to remove poor quality links.  There’s been much debate about this post Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.  My view is that you have no control over what your competitors do against your website unless it’s blatantly obvious and libelous  and there can be legal resource.  There are DMCA Takedown Notices, etc.  I’d say just concentrate on good link building practices and if you can email a few webmasters to have some obviously bad link removed then do so but don’t spend too much time doing so.


Building links for SEO is against Google’s rules right?

According to Google’s guidelines they don’t want you to build lots of links, they don’t want you to spam.  Google wants to rank the web pages that deserve to be ranked well in their rightful positions.  This is easier said than done.  It’s fair that a small bedroom based web designer who knows SEO shouldn’t rank better than a world class, large web design company that has been established many years as a quality brand.   In an ideal online world the brand would always rank higher but this isn’t always the case.  I think that Google guidelines are often misinterpreted as just wanting people to build content on their website and build no back links at all.  This isn’t strictly the case.  Yes, if you write good content, create great videos, put a few podcasts on your website and make it interesting and engaging then people will naturally want to link to it but the landscape is competitive.


What should I do if I receive an unnatural link warning?

Use the Disavow tool and try to clean up your link profile but concentrate on building quality links.


I’ve lost all of my Google positions…HELP…my site is no longer indexed in Google!

You must have been very naughty indeed then.  You may have had a manual review.  Maybe your competitors reported your website.  This rarely happens and is usually a result of a very weak website, often with plagarised content, sometimes with previously high Google positions (or it wouldn’t have been found in the first place), and usually just not what Google wants on the first page for highly searched keywords or search terms.  Google’s goal is to deliver good results for searchers’ queries.  Yes, they have their paid listings too and other ventures and their organic results are constantly subject to change but if your site has been penalised or deindexed then think seriously about your strategy…have you taken shortcuts? You can appeal to Google to have it re-included but get to the root of the problem and be honest with yourself about why this happened in the first place.  If your website is just a big content farm for links then you’ll know that this isn’t a great website and you deserved what happened to your website, even if it was monitised and you’re now lost this income stream.  It wasn’t a good venture to begin with!  If you have some good content on there and something is salvageable then do a complete site audit and take the good content and start again…on another domain name.  You might be able to clean up your site and get a Google re inclusion but our research shows this isn’t always going.  A new domain and moving the good content and then 301 for the link juice may work…we can’t confirm this but you are free to try this yourself.  This usually doesn’t happen though, I must emphasise this, and if into taking shortcuts then you’re probably not the kind of client that we’re looking to work with.


A web design company I know said it’s better just to blog and the rest will take care of itself.  Is this true?

I’m sorry but no it isn’t.  At least not when trying to rank for competitive search terms and keywords.  If the competition are trying harder then you probably won’t compete.  To be honest, we speak to a lot of web designers who take this stance and it isn’t true.  Having a good website is vital to your ranking (well not always, we still see some poor websites ranking well) but you need to build some relationships out there and get some links!  People will organically link to your web pages and engage with you but if your competition is doing more, you need to be doing more too!


How do I build my website to be a complete resource of information for my visitors?

Have a plan and implement it.  Give your audience what they want.  Be innovative and do things before your competitors.  Don’t be a sheep and follow them but actually come up with ideas of your own.  If your competition are doing the same things then you do the opposite.  Do at least what your competition are doing and more.  Think about your website in terms of good information architecture, fluid navigation and timely and relevant content.  Put your content out there in all of your target audience’s online hang out places.  Before you can do this you’ll need to find out where they hang out.  Before you put the content out you’ll have to create it.  Your content must contain a clear message which engages them.


How important is keyword research?

Vitally important.  But there is no “most important” part of your online strategy.  Each aspect of it is like a cog in a machine and your machine must be well oiled.  Remember though, and this is the part that many SEO consultants get wrong.  Keyword research tools such as Google Adwords Keywords Tool, those contained within SEOMOZ, Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, Wordtracker or whatever you choose to use, will all only return the most searched  key phrases and key words probably about 30%.  There’s likely to be around 70% of organic and paid traffic hits to your website that are from search terms which are longer tail and you won’t have speculated about.  Check your Google Analytics (or other web analytics of choice) and see what people are typing into Google to find your web pages.  Write blog posts to accommodate for these.  Get creative and think laterally.  If everything thought the same and spend the same amount of money and time (with the same intensity) they’d get similar results.  You want great results so make more effort and work smarter.


Should I always have my main keyword as my anchor text?

No you need to vary your anchor text in your back links and inner linking (links from your web pages to other web pages on your website).  Be realistic and realise that your (click-through) anchor text is really there primarily for your visitors and from referring sites’ visitors to click on for more information, to find your site, for further reading and so on.  Try to think from your users’ points of view rather than focusing on search engines.  I began my career as a website CMS trainer and a A-Level in Psychology and one in Sociology really helped me to see things from the user’s perspective.  This insight as been useful throughout my career and, on becoming a developer and Internet marketer, this user centred approach as really helped me out no end.  I still see, in my day to day work, that some web designers and developers and even SEO consultants are still thinking from their “can’t see the woods for the trees” view point or their “what will Google want” mindset.  I see things from both perspectives and this is a common trait of many of the really good SEO practitioners.

Link building takes too much time…why should I bother if I might not get results anyway and Google might just change it’s algorithm again?

Look! A well though out off page SEO strategy will always come through long term.  Don’t chase positions, think about your overall web presence and do it that way instead.  Don’t start thinking does this work, does that work.  In fact, if that’s your train of thought then you’re probably in that mindset because you’re unsure of what you’re doing.  You probably need a SEO consultant to guide you or even outsource to them and focus more on what you can do best with your time and make the most money at.  Too many of us who have worked jobs before becoming entrepeneurs are still stuck in those roles where our overbearing ex-bosses have piled everything on us, expected us to do everything ourselves usually as Jacks of all trades and not allowed us to delegate.  Please delegate! The boss you worked for before new about this.  Afterall, this is why he or she set you on and delegates what he or she couldn’t do well to you.

If you think that link building takes too much time then don’t do it but your competition will be and they are likely to rank higher than you.  I don’t believe that any Google change is going to prevent the high quality back linking from working well such as PRWeb, Slideshare, WordPress, Squidoo, YouTube (they own YouTube afterall) and just good Internet marketing.  Remember though, it isn’t just what you do, it’s how you do it, how long you do it for and how to integrate it and how it all ties in together.  It’s like baking a cake – different ingredients, mixed in the right quantities, at the right time.  Go and bake your cake and make some more money!


How has back-link building for SEO changed post Panda and Penguin Google updates?

The list is huge.  I’m not going to list all changes here, it’s outside of the scope of this piece of writing, besides, it would bore you to tears.  In a nutshell, more quality is required and you’ll need to work harder as well as smarter to get similar results.  This is a good thing but a bad thing for spammers.  Google is favouring things more towards brands though so finding your niche and working it…hard…is even more important than ever.


Should I have RSS setup on my website?

Yes, if you have regular and timely content to share and would like to build up your repeat visitors and readership.


How can I use social media to help with my back-link building efforts for SEO?

Social networking is becoming more relevant to your online marketing efforts.  More and more businesses are using it.  Is it free? It’s free to setup a Facebook, Twitter et al account but the process isn’t free and the strategy creation and implementation.  Your time isn’t free is it? Time is money.  Google is said to be using more and more social signals to determine rankings.


Does article marketing work?

I get asked does this work, does that work? Does this work post Panda/Penguin? The answer is always…yes, everything works but it’s HOW you do it.  WHAT works? Everything.  I will say that sites as Ezinearticles are still worth submitting the odd article to every now and again but you’re better off posting your really good quality content onto your blog these days because sites such as Ezinearticles are no longer considered quite the authority sites that they once were.  They are lower down on the back linking strategy priority list nowadays.  Guest blog posts are great, press releases sites, themed links, RSS mashups, Web 2.0 properties (done well), video sharing, relevant and lengthy target blog post comments (sans the spammy keyword rich anchor text) and good old forums as well as an host of other forms of back linking are pretty good ways to promoting your website online.


Should I write press releases?

Yes but think about it like this.  It’s quality that counts.  Take the time to write good quality press releases.  If you’re not going to hire a skilled and experienced practitioner to do this then get the proper training to do it yourself.  Lots of readers might potentially see it. You’ve got to have this mindset or else why are you bothering?  At the very least, do some reading online about how to write a quality press release before you go for it. The most common mistake people make is taking lots of time to write a high quality press release but then publishing it to a free or cheap press release website.  This is likely to get to mediocre results compared with using a quality service.  If you think about it, if something is free or very inexpensive then lots of people will use it and it’s usually free or cheap because the service or website isn’t good enough to charge for or, let’s face it, they would be!  That’s not to say that all expensive services are great and all free services are rubbish.  Choose one based on reputation but, with a service like press release distribution, free isn’t generally a good thing.


My mate said that he has lots of Web 2.0 accounts which are working well for this SEO strategy…he has lots of content on Squidoo, WordPress, etc…should I do this too?

Yes but don’t spread your efforts too thin or your results are likely to be poor.  Write quality content, post videos and have a strategy in place.  Nurture your sites or Google might see them as low quality or spammy.  Try not to use too many keywords spammy urls when creating these.


How often should I tweet?

Again have a strategy.  If you’re a large organisation you may need a social media policy and to collaborate.  In fact, the trend is going more towards more company employees taking on customer focused roles.  Follow your strategy and engage with your influencers.  Build your network and take a consistent approach.  Don’t create an account, do it for a month then lose interest.  Have clear goals and milestones.  Track your results and do more of what works.  Social media is social so use your own face, not your company logo.


What’s the point of back-linking if my competitors are just going to back-link too and I’ll lose my positions in the SERPS again?

Well, if you aren’t going to compete then why are you in business? Go and do direct mail but pay for the stamps.  SEO isn’t free so you’ll either need to learn how to do certain parts of it yourself or outsource it to a SEO company.


How can video help me to rank better?

It’s a different medium to written content and it can help to engage your visitors.  Use it on its own or to support your articles, press releases and blog posts.  YouTube and Vimeo videos can be optimised for searchers to find as can other video sharing sites.  Engage with others.  Go for it!


How should I use online video?

Again, strategy! Have one! Produce videos regularly.  Produce different types of video – interview style, slideshow videos, some of voiceovers, some with a nice tune! Embed them into your blog to support your other content.  It takes effort and your readership will appreciate it.


Should I submit my videos to YouTube and/or other video sharing websites too?

Yes definitely.  Use what is out there that is already getting good, targeted traffic.  There are other video sharing sites such as Vimeo so submit to them too.


How can I stop my competitors from stealing my back links?

By stealing your back links I assume you mean performing a back link audit of your website and building similar back links.  You can’t.  Unless they’re stealing your content too, your competitors will likely be doing similar things to you if they’re doing SEO.  You just have to do more, think outside-of-the-box and keep going at it.  The more you put in, the more you get out.


Facebook isn’t really for business is it? Can it really help my SEO?

Facebook did start out as a social site and it still is but more and more business people are using it.  We are people too and we have social lives unless we’re complete workaholics but if we are, we still know lots of people and we usually add them on Facebook.  Facebook is very useful for business to consumer and lots of people tell me that it isn’t so good for B2B but I always have to strongly disagree.  I think that anyone who says that lacks insight in their argument because many business people do use Facebook even if it’s just for brand awareness.  Obviously businesses such as restaurants will have great opportunities to promote their special offers, competitors and special dishes on Facebook (still not enough restaurants do this).  Having your business on Facebook can also make it easier for people to refer you.  Seeing posts from people who like your Facebook Business Page can be much more reassuring than visiting an old, outdated website.  I’m not saying that have a Facebook Business Page is an excuse to neglect your website but it does provide a different and supplementary way of engaging with your prospects and existing customers.


I see competitors with mailing list sign-up forms? How can I get one of these? How does this work?

If you don’t utilise email marketing yet then I’d love to help you with this.  I’m great at it and it really has transformed my business.  I love to train clients on using email marketing properly and I’m not talking about spamming.  Building opt-in lists is what it’s all about. You’ll need a subscribe form, maybe an offer for joining and email template to get started.  You’ll feel great about using this cost-effective method of online marketing.


How long does SEO take?

How long is a piece of string? I do apologise for this cliched answer but I usually actually answer this type of question with a certain amount of imparting information about the SEO process.  After a few minutes of talking, prospects and existing clients usually begin to realise the type of question that they’ve just asked.  It depends on the baseline that we’re working from, the competition and, Google of course.  But we can generally gathering enough information about the competitiveness of the niche and go from there.  Your website might have enough back links to rank reasonably well but no title tags or poorly written title tags, this change alone could cause a pretty quick improvement in rankings.  It’s also worth noting that just having good Google positions for proftable keywords doesn’t mean that you website will necessarily convert.  Just like baking a cake, everything must be in place.  There is no perfect solution and no one way of doing things or we’d all be rich.  Prospects need to realise that results and the effort that is needed must be enough and must be consistent.  After we send prospects a thorough initial audit and a strategy they usually sign up and see good results.  Some quick wins happen within a week, then longer term we see results after a month, 6 weeks, 6 months and going forward.  It depends but we do show you the rationale behind our approach, we are competitively priced and we do get results but we also do like to work with the right kinds of clients with good businesses.  Afterall, we, like Google, believe that only the best businesses deserve to rank highly in Google.  We see a lot of great businesses with poor online presences.  They have lots of content ready to spread online but it just isn’t out there for their prospects to see.  We think that this is a shame and these are the types of clients that we love to help.  We don’t like to work with clients who need to be convinced about the benefits of SEO and spending their budget online.  There are enough prospects out there who are always forward thinking enough to already know of the benefits for their business and we’d rather do hard work on your website and web presence than work hard trying to convince those who don’t already know.


Should I use paid advertising like Google Adwords or other forms of pay per click (PPC)?

It depends on your business plan.  Do you have the budget? Organic SEO is better value for money but you’ll have short term and long term results.  Organic SEO requires a long term plan.  Google Adwords gets you into the paid listing pretty quickly, usually within a day but once you switch it off and stop paying the advertisements stop.  If you build an email list then you’ll obviously still be able to market to your list once you stop paying.


What is organic SEO?

I’ve mentioned the term “organic SEO” various times during this piece of writing.  If you don’t already know what it means then it’s the listing in Google that aren’t PPC or Google Places Local.


My competitor is ranking better than me…his site is older than mine but he’s only building a few back-links per month when I’m building thousands! What’s happening?

It depends.  We’d need to audit your site and the competition for a given set of keywords.  This is what we always do before even quoting a company for bespoke SEO work.  Website age is a factor.  Quality of back links is a factor.  The number of pages on your website, they way that they link to each other and many other factors all come into play.  There is rarely one particular reason but by performing a SEO audit we can usually pinpoint a number of likely variables that are affecting your website’s performance.


My competitor has hidden text on his website, he has stuffed keywords and made the font colour the same as the background…he’s number one for “blue widgets”.  Should I copy him because what he’s doing is obviously working for him?

No.  I mean this is a very old black hat SEO technique.  It isn’t even grey hat, it’s pure black hat and I’m surprised that this website is still listed so highly.  Contact us with the url and keywords and your url and we’ll take a look for you and provide our opinion.  No definitely don’t copy the website.  Equip yourself with enough SEO knowledge to enable you to discern the good practices from the bad.  If you think about it, same colour font on a same colour background is designed for one purpose – to deceive search engines.  Search engines are now much better at finding this so I’m sure that it’s only a matter of time before the site is penalised by Google.


What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO involves techniques and methods that are designed to fool search engines.  They aren’t recommended for long term, sustainable SEO results.


Is the Warrior Forum a good place to learn about SEO?

Yes there’s some good community members in there and other Internet Marketing related forums but you’ll have to weed through the bad stuff like on any forum.  I find this true of more general, UK based forums too such as UK Business Forums.  There are people in there with different opinions.  If you need good SEO advice then come to Internet Marketing Platinum.  We’re happy to help and to set you up with the right plan to suit your needs.


What does a SEO consultant do?

A SEO consultant’s primary objective is to drive targeted traffic to clients’ websites.  They will advice on and implement strategies to improve websites, on-page and off-page SEO and implement other Internet marketing processes depending on their experience.


How does SEO relate to Internet Marketing?

SEO is a part of Internet Marketing often known as Online Marketing or Digital Marketing.  SEO generally refers to organic SEO with is not PPC.  Local SEO usually means Google Places listings or simply ranking better for local businesess in the main search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing! and can include both Google Places listings and organic SEO (as long as the organic SEO is local).  Internet Marketing Platinum believes in a holistic approach to marketing, integration your offline and online marketing and getting the best out of your budget.  It’s all about what we can do with your budget and if your budget is low then we’d rather recommend a lot of one aspect of Internet Marketing rather than a sprinkling of everything.  This way our and your efforts don’t become just a drop in the ocean.


What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing, and Online Marketing even?

There’s no difference, each of these terms refer to the same thing.  If you’ve heard of Search Marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) though, this usually means PPC.  Whereas Search Engine Optimisation means organic SEO or refers to natural SEO listings.


My mate scans Google News every day and writes blog posts about what he finds? This is a waste of time isn’t it? Wouldn’t he be better off walking around delivering leaflets or cold-calling?

Good idea.  You can also setup alerts.  You might also be able to find relevant blog posts to comment on (but there’s also other ways to achieve this).  He’ll be OK doing whatever works.  If leaflets work and SEO works for him then he should do that.  Always measure your marketing efforts.   I’m obviously an Internet Marketing and SEO practitioner but that doesn’t mean that I don’t also recognise the positive results that a multi-channel markeitng approach can have.


I don’t like to write content so how can I write blog posts? SEO isn’t for me then is it?

Everything helps and if you’re dong nothing but write quality blog posts and your competitor isn’t doing anything, all else considered equal, you’d think that you’d rank higher.  It doesn’t always work like this but what I’m saying is that you should do what you can and outsource the rest.  If you aren’t a writer then make money doing what you do well and outsource your blog post writing…to a company like ours 🙂


Can I be trained in SEO? This would save me money over expensive SEO fees wouldn’t it?

Yes you can be.  You can train in anything you like if you have the ability and drive to do so but do you want to become a SEO practitioner? If not, then seriously consider if you can’t make a better rate doing what you’re good at.  The idea is to make money doing what you do and outsource to a SEO company.  You’ll likely pick up some tips along the way whilst working with a SEO company but, seriously, we have spent years developing processes and streamlining to be as efficient as possible.  Yes many years!


What is search engine marketing (SEM)? How is it different to SEO…CONFUSED!?

Simply put, SEM is PPC and SEO is organic SEO.


Aren’t I better off playing pool than bothering with SEO?

Haha nice one! Is this in reference to Google changing their algorithms?  SEO is definitely worth the effort if your strategy is sound.  Think quality, think frequently, write for your readership, build yourself up as an expert, keep at it, if you get knocked down get back up – this is the world of business.  If you blog then be a business owner primarily and a blogger.  The blog is for your business not the other way around.  What I’m saying, and this relates to every facet of your business, is that your message comes before its dissemination.


I get all of my business via word of mouth so I don’t need SEO right?

I’m sorry but this is a very cliched response to not wanting to deal with change.  We all get business from word of mouth, from doing a good job.  But we’d all make more money by doing more marketing.  Or we might lose money but that’s business.  But when you’re growing a business I think that you shouldn’t miss an opportunity.  If you can’t cope with the work you have then you don’t have a scalable business and I guess you haven’t figured out that part of your infrastructure yet.  If more work comes in and your staff can’t cope then use your associates.  If you don’t have any then you’re missing out on revenue and that needs sorting or maybe you have a lifestyle business.


SEO is all just a lot of snake-oil salesmen isn’t it?

You could also say that most other kinds of industries.  Now the fact is that there aren’t any formal SEO qualifications.  Some bodies have attempted to implement them, there are some certifications that can be done.  But the proof is always in the pudding and the results than a SEO company has achieved for others.  I’d always state that any prospect coming to us will be educated to an extent in SEO and at least have an overview of what we’ll do and what to expect and what it truly takes.  You will always get rouges in most industries.  Do your research.  Choose wisely.


I should only work with SEO companies who can guarantee my results right?

It depends what you mean by results.  We don’t guarantee positions and we don’t believe than any reputable SEO company should.  Google can change its algorithms.  But long term, with clear goals, any reputable SEO company will deliver results.  It just depends how you define these results.  The business owner or decision maker is always responsible for their part of the deal where they need to impart knowledge, content and their time to help us to achieve goals and milestones that are set out.  That is why we always attempt to manage expectations and develop a plan going forward.  We’re also in the habit of only working with companies we can develop long term business relationships with.  It really is a two-way street when it comes to business.  We always reserve the right to choose with whom we work with and we end relationships if clients are unreasonable.


Who decides what types of SEO practices I should now be doing? Who decides what works in terms of SEO?

Internet Marketing Platinum has circles and does lots of testing.  Our practices are industry recognised and we are some of the best at what we do.


Social Media is best for SEO right?

There is no single SEO strategy that works and whilst Social Media Marketing can contribute to a online strategy, links from, say, Facebook aren’t going to directly contribute to Google positions.  But they can produce targeted traffic and contribute towards social proof.  Try not to think in terms of does this work, does that work.  Think in terms of I’ve got something to say, I know who I want to say it to and then say it.  This is the basis of marketing and you must understand that too many business owners who want to do SEO ask where to post their content but don’t have any content in the first place.  It’s often don’t back to front.  Use a process.


Press releases are the single best method of getting better rankings right?

There is no single best method.  High quality press releases, sent by paid for sites can work as part of your strategy.  Have a strategy!


Keyword research is a waste of time?

On the contrary, Keyword Research is very important and is one of the first things that you should do, besides considering if you have the budget to have a good crack at SEO in the first place!


You don’t need SEO if your website is developed properly?

This is a common argument from web developers but it isn’t true.  Yes, of course a good website is very important but the skillsets involves in designing aesthetically pleasing websites, developing them and doing SEO are rarely abilities by a single person.  hence the phrase “Jack of all trades”.  I’ve had web designers claim that there WordPress sites ping each post to have them index, integrate with Twitter so that you never need to enter the account.  But what about the need to interact with the Twitter community too? Using Twitter cannot just be “Push” in terms of marketing.  You need to interact with your influencers too!  Yes setting up a WordPress site like the aforementioned is good and it’s probably better than a html sites without these capabilities or additions but, in turn, the WordPress site is a starting point, an enabling foundation from which to build a SEO strategy around.  Our websites do this and much more because we understand the whole picture and can cater to your complete Digital Marketing needs.


My mate went to a SEO conference, he’s really smart and now knows how to optimise my website…after JUST ONE DAY!?!

I once went to a 9 til 5 book keeping seminar to learn basic book keeping but my accountant still does my accounts. Why? Because you can’t learn a profession in a day.  It takes years!


SEO, Digital Marketer, Web Developer, Web Usability Professional and Geek! I love to keep abreast with the latest in our industry and impart as much knowledge as possible to our readers.

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