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  • April 21, 2013
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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be divided into two main categories: on-page and off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO deals with back-links.  For this, you’ll need a strategy to achieve good results.

On-page SEO is also vital in achieving good rankings and targeted traffic.  This may consist of the following:

  • Check that your domain name resolves to either www or non-www.  You’re best not having both.  Just the one.  This will help to avoid on page duplication.
  • Optimise your page titles.  Page titles are important elements and extremely necessary to getting the best search engine rankings that you can achieve.
  • Optimise your H1, H2 and other headings tags.  One H1 tag per page.
  • Your homepage should be based upon one theme.  Multiple keywords may be optimised for on your homepage but other pages should focus on one keyword only.
  • Site structure is important.  The way that your pages link to each other, page names and other elements of your website’s information architecture are all vital elements for a successful web presence.
  • Having a blog on your website is important.  More important is actually updating it, on a regular basis, with fresh, new content.  Having a blog will help you to add new pages whilst helping you to target longer tail keywords that you might not normally think of to drive traffic to your site.  Around 70% of searches to your website will be from search terms that Google Adwords Keyword Tool won’t even show up as having any significant amount of traffic to them.  It’s important to realise this when considering your website’s content strategy.
  • Robots.txt, XML sitemap and html sitemap all add to the SEO mix.  Make sure you have each and keep them updated.
  • Always think usability.  If your website’s users find it easy to use your website then there’s generally going to be more chance of them completing tasks and returning for me.  Website elements such as breadcrumbs can be used to keep visitors orientated on your website as can having consistent navigation and page structure.  Keep it familiar with other sites that they are likely to use.
  • Optimise your images.  Remember alt text in images.  This is important for accessibility and can also help with SEO too.  Remember to add title tags in hyperlinks.  Everything helps when it comes to SEO.
  • Keywords in title tags, H1, corresponding paragraphs.  I know that I’ve already touched on these but make sure that keywords are present in each of these elements.  This ensures that each of your web pages is consistent.
  • Write good quality html and css code.  If you aren’t sure then check it with a code validator.  Search engine spiders will have an easier job crawling your website if your code is to a high standard.
  • How’s your web server? If it is fast then the chances are that your web pages will load quickly even if your code might be poor.  It’s good to have clean code anyway but if your server is on the slow side then having nice, clean code is all the more important.
  • You might need to use canonical tags to let Google know which page to index (if you have multiple versions of the same page).

A full on-page SEO audit will probably reveal a few faults with your website so feel free to contact me on 07702 946224 to get started.  The above list isn’t exhaustive but it is certainly a pretty thorough list and should help you to get started.

SEO, Digital Marketer, Web Developer, Web Usability Professional and Geek! I love to keep abreast with the latest in our industry and impart as much knowledge as possible to our readers.

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