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Conversion Rate Optimisaion (CRO)

Help! I Think My Website Could Be Converting Visitors Better!!!

Internet Marketing Platinum provides world class Conversion Rate Optimisation services.

Low conversion rates are a serious problem these days.  Online advertising and SEO efforts can be wasted to an extent due to poorly converting websites.  Sometimes it’s the fault of the initial web design, sometimes there’s no optimised landing pages to drive the targeted traffic to, it might be the SEO company’s fault for failing to advise on the recommended changes to the website, everyone is partly responsible, perhaps the keyword research was wrong.  Conversion rate optimisation is about testing and finding out what the main stumbling blocks and click away pages are in the conversion process.  I’ve seen websites at the top of page one fail to convert despite traffic being sent to them.  If a business owner or decision maker is open to ideas, we can usually help.  Sometimes there’s a problem with the business that isn’t even website related.  Sometimes it’s the brand so we can even go as far as Reputation Management and finding out sentiment online to help solve the problem which technically falls outside of the realms of Conversion Rate Optimisation.  Each case is different.

When a web design company produces a website they use certain heuristics (or rules of thumb) to design the website.  This means that certain aspects of web design are repeated because they work.  Such as a phone number in the top-right of the header and so on.  People expect to see the phone number there…it’s the first place that they look.  Website visitors expect a website to work in the same way that the last thousand or so websites that they last visited worked.  But it doesn’t stop here.  Since every website and each business is unique, despite our best efforts in designing a website that is perfect first off, actual real user testing, split A/B multivariate testing and, in general, an iterative approach to design is required throughout the lifetime of a website.  The website will change over time as your business grows.  As more and more visitors hit and use the site, we’ll be able to constantly tweak the site and make it work better and better.  This is the mark of a true marketing machine…the way that a website is meant to be.

If you’d like a Conversion Optimisation Audit then send details of your website here and we’ll give you a call to get started.