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Backlink Packages

Any SEO project should consist of a thorough competition analysis and research phase.  There are good and bad ways of building backlinks and any backlink creation effort should be part of a wider marketing strategy or you could be missing opportunities or working on areas which aren’t the most profitable and aren’t priorities.  This is why our approach to internet marketing and backlink creation in general is always properly researched and the pros and cons of each approach that we recommend are presented to you based on our experience and expertise.

Our typical backlinking packages usually consists of developing relationships with linking partners so that your website can form part of a wider community where products and services can be advertised in order to provide your website visitors with the best possible services.  Content is king and Internet Marketing Platinum is an authority on supplying what your target market needs.  Repeat website traffic is key to developing a successful online presence and we are very good at helping you to achieve lots of repeat visitors who will love your website.

Here’s the Internet Marketing Platinum 3 step guide to successful back-linking. Enjoy!

STEP 1 -Find out what types of back-links that your website is lacking

DON’T use a scattergun approach to back-linking.  Yes, there are certain types of back-links what won’t hurt and you can create these regardless but have some sort of back-linking strategy in place.  Your time is probably limited and you would obviously prefer to waste none of your budget by creating back-links of types that you’re already pretty much plentifully or, even, over-represented in.  Internet Marketing Platinum develop back-linking strategies based upon the types of back-links that you need and that are likely to help you to succeed.  We are interested in delivering targeted visitors to your website as well as great Google positions for profitable search terms. Using deep analyses of competitor back-links to gather knowledge of the types of back-links that are likely to help, and using tried and trusted experience of what works now, we can develop a winning SEO back-link strategy.

STEP 2 -Define a realistic budget and milestones for achieving goals

Let’s face it if effort isn’t put in and results are unlikely.  To be honest, SEO used to be quite easy.  This is because competition used to be pretty low.  That’s the key to SEO, finding high converting, medium competition search terms to go after.  Yes, you can aim for high competition search terms but expect to put in more effort…and money.  For instance, if you have a product line of 10,000 products and you’d like to showcase all of these products to your website’s visitors using a mixture of description, reviews and video then you will know how much effort is required and these can be one of your goals.

STEP 3 -Measure your results. Find out what works best for your business

Your business is unique and some of the types of frequently asked questions that I receive include “Are articles best for SEO post Panda and Penguin Google updates?” and “Is social media good for SEO?”  The fact is that everything still works after these Google updates but we aim for high quality.  It’s obvious that low quality linking methods were a poor man’s back-linking strategy and was always bound to fail.  Creating lots of forum profiles but never using them to actually post and participate in the online community was never a good idea but some SEO companies did this because it worked at the time.  But, when you’re building a brand, you can’t afford to do this and it was never a good idea.  So to answer these questions everything that is of quality and that makes logical sense to do can form part of a good online strategy.

If you would like to learn more about how we can partner up and take your online presence to the next level then contact us now to discuss a way forward.